Our challenge consists of enhancing the productivity, sustainability and quality of animal production.

Aquaculture and biodiversity

Aquaculture has developed considerably in recent years. Our group investigates the biological, productive and economic aspects required to achieve an efficient and sustainable supply of fish.

Animal nutrition

Animal nutrition is the main cost of livestock farms and has important implications in productivity, animal welfare or the environment. Our research focuses on understanding and optimising animal nutrition.

Animal Genetics

Genetics is a fundamental basis of animal production. In this research line we focus on the genetic analysis of meat quality characteristics, as well as other reproductive traits and the preservation of animal genetic resources.

Animal production systems and technologies

This research line focuses on developing and evaluating livestock production systems, so that they take profit of the genetic potential of animals. Our aim is to optimise resources, ensure product quality and minimise environmental impact.

Our mission

Our goal is to improve the productivity, sustainability and quality of animal production in the Valencian Community, and by extension, also at national and international level.


Our Institute uses the experimental farms of the UPV (rabbits, aquaculture and small ruminants) to conduct our research. We also use pilot plants (pilot feedstuff factory, cheese factory and slaughterhouse) and other specialised laboratories. Furthermore, we have access to commercial farms due to our close relationship with the local livestock sector. Find out more about our facilities.



Collaboration is a key factor for success in research and we therefore collaborate with other researchers inside and outside the UPV. The ICTA is decisively committed to consolidating joint projects with prestigious national and international research centres in order to remain at the cutting edge of research, innovation and knowledge transfer.

Study with us

The researchers from our institute take part in bachelor, master and PhD programmes. They teach basic and advanced courses related with their research lines.

Excellent Science

We carry out excellent basic research and transfer knowledge to the livestock sectors. These are our indicators in 2015:


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